Florida’s 2016 Semi-Annual Uniform Crime Report showed a year-over-year decline in the overall crime rate of 3.4 percent, which currently sits at a 45-year low. Domestic violence convictions fell 3.4 percent for the same period. However, efforts to combat domestic violence continue to ramp up throughout the nation – sometimes using dubious tactics.

In Illinois, for example, a new law will require hairstylists to receive training on how to spot signs of domestic violence and be on the lookout for those signs on their clients. The course is only one hour long. Imagine being falsely suspected of domestic violence because a hairstylist who received one hour of training thought it their duty to report something to the police.

Many people are falsely accused of domestic violence every day. They deserve to have their fair hearing and have their name justifiably cleared. Many more really are guilty of domestic violence, but even they deserve strong legal defense to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. Every domestic violence case has a skilled and motivated prosecutor, and should have a skilled defense attorney to balance the equation.

To be sure, domestic violence must be stopped. But the law entitles everyone to fair treatment and a strong defense. If you stand accused of domestic violence, please call me today.