A Hollywood, Florida, police lieutenant was arrested after his wife accused him of hitting and kicking her. He was charged with one count of domestic violence-related battery. As the charge is a first-degree misdemeanor, he could be jailed for up to one year.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at Lt. Michael David McKinney’s home, where he lives with his wife of one year. According to a police report, a verbal argument between the couple turned physical. McKinney, 49, allegedly hit his wife twice on her head and kicked her left rib area.

Police noted swelling and bruises on her arm, rib area and forehead when they arrived at the home. McKinney also suffered injuries including scratches and cuts to his back, chest, bicep and upper lip.

McKinney, a veteran of the Hollywood Police Department, was arrested and spent a night in Broward Main Jail. The department relieved him of his duties pending an internal investigation. A judge ordered McKinney to stay away from his wife. He was also restricted from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs and possessing weapons or ammunition.

Florida Police Benevolent Association Vice President Jeff Marano commented, “A couple had a dispute and it got physical, and it’s no more or no less than that. He’s [McKinney’s] a 23-year veteran with an unblemished record.”

Domestic violence charges can cause serious damage to a person’s reputation, career and future. Many cases tend to involve injunctions and protective orders in which the person charged with the offense is barred from physically going near the alleged victim or communicating with them.

Violating such orders can make a misdemeanor charge more severe. If you are facing domestic violence charges of any kind, call Redavid Law PLLC today to find out how they can protect you from unfair treatment and harsh punishment.