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CVS faces lawsuit over mislabeled prescription

November 7, 2016

nbc2logoNBC2 broke the story, and on Monday, the family’s attorney held a news conference. He said Alba Botero, the child’s mother, had full trust in the process – until they claim the pharmacist doubled the dose, landing the child in the hospital.

“The prescription was double what the pediatrician actually prescribed,” said attorney Jordan Redavid.


Lincoln Marti School teacher accused of hitting kids granted

September 2, 2016

local-10-abc “Listen, this is a serious allegation,” the woman’s attorney, Jordan Redavid, said. “There’s a lot of emotions at stake. The allegations deal with young children, so everybody takes it seriously. It pulls at your heart strings no matter what side you’re on.”

A mother whose daughter attended the day care, Laura Pantano, 35, is credited with confronting Quintero-Gonzalez Aug. 25 after she allegedly witnessed the teacher slapping a 3-year-old boy in the face and shaking him.


Are DUI’s unconstitutional?

September 19, 2016, Case Number: F16017XXX

miaminewtimes“It’s an issue that’s ripe for review… by our nation’s highest court,” Redavid tells New Times. “And, in my humble opinion, long overdue.”

The way Redavid sees it, the big problem with the current law — which makes it a crime to drive a vehicle with .08 or higher blood alcohol level — comes from the way the state prosecutes cases. “Stated another way,” Redavid says, “what evidence do they usually have, and how do they get it?”

They get it, Redavid goes on, almost always “by employing unconstitutional practices.”


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