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Charges: Violation of Felony Probation (Leon County) and Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction (Broward County)

Result: Charges Dropped

March 6, 2017, Case Numbers: 2015CFXXXA; 160105XXX10A

Overview: In 2016, a young man was placed on felony probation in Leon County, Florida for Carrying a Concealed Firearm. Not even one year later he was arrested in Broward County on allegations of domestic violence-related conduct and held without bond. He then hired Jordan Redavid, Esq. to defend him in both cases. Jordan was able to successfully and creatively employ litigation strategies that allowed his client to have the Broward County State Attorney’s Office abandon its prosecution for violating a domestic violence injunction, and then convince the Leon County State Attorney’s Office to agree to allow the judge in Tallahassee to dismiss the pending felony violation of probation. In the end, this young man was completely reinstated to probation without ever having to admit to any wrongdoing or accept any plea deals.

Charges: Armed Drug Trafficking (Heroin); 3 Counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; and Marijuana while Armed; and Possession of a Dwelling Intended to Traffic Narcotics

Result: Not Guilty on All Counts

February 1, 2017, Case Number: F1400112XX-X

Overview: In 2014 the Miami-Dade Police Department and SRT (i.e. SWAT) executed a search warrant on an apartment suspected of drug activity. Inside, Jordan Redavid’s client sat on a couch, watching a Miami Heat playoff game, with 2 firearms, 14+ grams of heroin; 2lbs+ of marijuana; 500+ individually wrapped bags of crack cocaine; hydrocodone pills; and powder cocaine all in plain sight. The police had found the drug hole they were looking for. Within minutes, the entire scene was photographed and cataloged, during which his client’s photo ID and EBT debit card were found in plain view next to gun magazines and ammunition. Although all of the other people arrested in the home that day took a plea deal to many years in prison, the one represented by Jordan Redavid did not. Despite facing an almost certain life sentence if convicted, Jordan’s client, a young man in his twenties, proceeded to a multi-day jury trial where Jordan Redavid was able to convince the jury to acquit his client on all counts (including lesser-included offenses). He was found not guilty of all charges.

Charges: DUI (w/ Prior Conviction)

Result: Not Guilty

January 17, 2017, Case Number: 2016-MM-011XXX-X-X

Overview: A Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over a pickup truck going 80+ mph in a 50mph zone in the early evening hours. The driving pattern of the truck was caught on dashcam video. When the officer approached the driver, he was recording everything on his body-worn microphone and camera. The driver appeared dazed and confused. When asked to provide his registration, the driver exited his vehicle without being asked and walked around his truck, as he did he held onto the bed for obvious balance. When he tried to get the registration out of the glove compartment, he dropped it. The driver then admitted to having a few beers recently, and a cold beer was found in the passenger seat. The driver refused to perform roadside exercises, but when searched, had unmarked pills and a straw in his possession. After being arrested the driver also refused to provide a breath sample. This driver had previously been convicted of DUI several years ago. With Jordan Redavid as his trial attorney, this person was acquitted at trial and found not guilty of all charges.

Charges: DUI (2nd w/in 5 Years) + Second Refusal – Breath

Result: Nolle Prosequi

October 25, 2016, Case Number: A10XXX

Overview: Client was arrested for DUI after having balance issues exiting his vehicle at the scene of a traffic stop, an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and an inability to follow instructions. This entire encounter was captured on the police officer’s bodycamera. The client had previously been arrested and convicted of DUI, and this time, refused to take part in field sobriety exercises or provide a breath sample, which resulted in a second crime being charged. Given his extensive criminal history, the State wanted several months in jail and convictions as part of any plea. After hiring Jordan Redavid as his lawyer, the client was then offered a breakdown to lesser charges on trial day—despite all officers being present in court– which Jordan Redavid counseled him not to accept. Jordan had filed pretrial motions to exclude some evidence but felt confident that the case could be beat at trial. The State then offered to dismiss one charge and offer a withhold to a lesser charge on the other. Again, the client rejected the deal on Jordan’s advice. The State then offered to dismiss all criminal charges if the client plead guilty to a traffic infraction. Again, no deal. Finally, the State simply abandoned all charges to avoid going to trial.

Charges: DUI w/ Property Damage

Result: Nolle Prosequi

September 26, 2016, Case Number: 1809XXX

Overview: Client was under the age of 21 when she was driving her vehicle with her friends in it on the way back home from a Spring Break event. The Client unfortunately caused a very serious auto accident, crashing into another civilians car. One of those civilians saw the Client behind the wheel and notified the police when they arrived. The Client was immediately suspected of DUI after smelling of alcohol, slurring her speech, and having balance issues. Back at the police station, the Client provided a breath sample of 0.095 g/210L—over the legal limit. After hiring Jordan Redavid as her lawyer, all criminal charges were abandoned by the State on trial day despite all of their witnesses – civilians and police alike – showing up. That was because Jordan Redavid had filed several pretrial motions seeking to exclude his Client’s statements and the results of her breath test and convinced the prosecutor that his client was likely to prevail at trial.

Top notch attorney

Jordan and his Law Office were excellent from the very first phone call I made to them. I explained my situation which had involved a DUI with personal injury and also property damage, a very serious matter to say the least. Jordan came to my house and thoroughly explained the dynamics of the criminal charge I was facing. They provided me with an explanation of how they would be able to overcome the charges through their various legal strategies. I am happy to say that through successful negotiations and pretrial motions they were able to to get the DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving. If you live in the South Florida area, and find yourself in need of excellent legal support (DUI), know that you will be in good hands with Jordan Redavid.

Charges: Possession of Cocaine

Result: Dismissed

September 19, 2016, Case Number: F16017XXX

Overview: Client was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. After talking with the police, a full search of the Client’s vehicle was conducted. During the search, a bag of cocaine was found. Client was the only occupant in the vehicle. After hiring Jordan Redavid as his lawyer, the Client was able to have all criminal charges dismissed.

Charges: RICO/Grand Theft & Theft of Copper/Utility

Result: Dismissed

February 9, 2016, Case Number: F150255XX-X

Overview: Investigators conducted a several-month long investigation regarding theft from the multi-million-dollar construction site for Brickell City Centre. Over a dozen people who were legitimately working the project would come back later and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of material, copper piping, and utilities from the site. They were captured on photos and videos and followed to local scrap yards where they offloaded the stolen goods and got paid. With major victims such as as Brickell City Centre property developers and FPL, the State Attorney’s Office via the Economic Crimes Unit arrested and charged over one dozen defendants with Racketeering (RICO), Conspiracy, Grand Theft, and other felony charges. With Jordan Redavid as his attorney, however, one defendant had his case successfully dismissed before trial; he was the only co-defendant to get such a result.

Charges: Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Violation of Driver’s License Restriction, Careless Driving

Result: Nolle Prosequi

November 14, 2015, Case Number: A4GLERE

Overview: After being placed on Probation for Reckless Driving (a reduced charge from Driving Under the Influence) just months earlier, a man was involved in a car accident in the parking lot of a shopping center in Aventura. A couple was driving their vehicle when the man behind them shortly before an argument ensued. After both drivers stepped out of their cars, the vehicle being driven by the man rolled into the other driver’s vehicle. The man got back into his car and attempted to leave the scene, but because he was being followed by the couple, parked his car further away. The man ran away, but upon returning the next day, found that his was no longer there. The police had convinced him to come into the station and report the car stolen. The man listened and, at the police station, gave a full confession as to what had happened the day before. He was then arrested. The prosecution decided to enter a nolle prosequi to all three charges on the day of trial.

Charge: Possession of Cannabis (0-20g)

Result: Nolle Prosequi

November 9, 2015, Case Number: B15-9845

Overview: The defendant was parked on a street beside a “No Parking” sign. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer observed the driver rolling a marijuana cigarette. The officer had the driver step out of the vehicle and arrested him. Jordan Redavid was able to convince the prosecutor, on the day of trial, to enter a nolle prosequi.

Charges: Petit Theft, Criminal Mischief, Petit Theft and Criminal Mischief

Result: Nolle Prosequi

November 9, 2015, Case Number: B15-9845

Overview: After being caught on tape for breaking into a cash register and stealing from a kiosk in a mall, a young man was arrested. While being questioned by the police about the crimes, the young man gave and signed a full confession—not just to that one incident, but others that occurred before it. In court, although the State prosecutor had all the necessary evidence and witnesses available, the State was convinced to enter a nolle prosequi.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Result: Acquittal

August 31, 2015, Case Number: 1501XCF

Overview: Shortly after 3am, a DUI Task Force police officer saw an SUV with 4 young males speeding (75mph in a 45mph) down US-1 in South Miami. After conducting a traffic stop, the officer clearly noticed that the driver, who had difficulty handing over the requested documentation, smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and a flushed face. The driver admitted to drinking alcohol at a concert earlier that night. After failing to perform to standards on 5 field sobriety exercises, the driver was arrested for DUI. He refused to provide a breath sample upon request, which, during trial, the prosecutors argued showed his “consciousness of guilt” (that is, if was sober, he would have blown, but because he knew he was drunk, he didn’t). After only 20 minutes of deliberations, the jury acquitted the driver on all counts.

Charge: Burglary

Result: Released from Prison

August 27, 2015

Overview: After serving only 13 years of a 20+ year sentence in state prison, a career offender was ordered released from prison by unanimous vote of The Florida Commission on Offender Review after Jordan Redavid presented arguments as to why he should not have to serve the rest of his sentence.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI; Property Damage)

Result: Won on Appeal

August 14, 2015, Case Number: 14-000049-AC10A

Overview: A car being driving through a residential area crashed when its driver ignored obvious signs of construction, leaving the car stuck and unable to move. Civilian eyewitnesses saw the entire incident. Upon police arrival, the registered owner of the vehicle was standing next to the vehicle, which had the keys still inside the ignition. After noticing signs of intoxication and obtaining statements, the officer arrested the woman. In jail, a call she placed to her bondsmen contained a confession (both as to driving and intoxication); a confession introduced as evidence against her at trial. With Jordan Redavid as lead appellate counsel, the woman won on appeal.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence w/ Injury, Careless Driving (3 counts)

Result: Reduced Charges

June 29, 2015, Case Number: A0Z0FOP

Overview: Witnesses observed a driver veer off the roadway in an affluent area in Aventura and drive on the grassy shoulder for approximately 300ft before striking a solid “No Parking” sign. The driver then over-corrected, swerving back onto the roadway, and struck a doctor who was riding a bicycle. Witnesses called the police and fire rescue to the scene and noted to the police that the driver appeared to be “asleep” or “not attentive” at the time of the accident. Officer’s noticed the driver was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol emitting from his breath. After failing to perform field sobriety exercises to standards, the driver was arrested. At the police station, the driver provided two breath samples that registered over the legal limit for Breath Alcohol Limits (0.104 g/210L and 0.097 g/210L). Before trial, Jordan Redavid filed several motions which resulted in a dismissal of all the citations and reduced charges to Reckless Driving.

Charges: Possession of Oxycodone, Possession of Cannabis (0-20g), Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (2nd o/s 5 years)

Result: Nolle Prossequi on drug charges, Acquittal on DUI

June 10, 2015, Case Number: 432015-CF-260CFAXMX / 2015-MM-001564-A

Overview: On February 23, 2015, three civilian witnesses saw a pickup truck leaving a parking lot, jump a curb, swerve all over the roadway, drive in excess of 80mph, nearly hit and injure a motorcyclist, and continue to drive recklessly. They called 911 to report it. An officer responded and saw the same pickup truck driving erratically. When the officer activated his lights and sirens, the pickup truck ignored the officer, continuing to drive for another half mile before pulling over. While asking the driver for his license, registration, and insurance, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes; he also noticed the driver was fumbling through his wallet and kept passing his license. The officer asked the driver to get out of the car, after which the officer activated his dash cam audio/video recorder.

The driver admitted to drinking and exhibited slurred speech on the video. He also failed to perform to standard on the sobriety tests (including the walk-and-turn, Rhomberg balance, and one-leg stand). The driver was arrested for DUI and searched. A search of his pockets revealed a clear plastic baggie containing loose white pills and marijuana. Later, at the police station, while still being audio/video recorded, the driver admitted to being “impaired” by alcohol and provided breath samples. His breath over twice the legal limit, showing as a .0189 and 0.194 g/210L. Several pre-trial motions were filed which resulted in the two drug counts being nolle prossequi before trial, and, after a full jury trial where all three civilians and two police officers testified and the video from the scene was played for the jury, the client was acquitted on the DUI. (After trial, a juror emailed to explain that he thought the defense exposed “extreme disturbing police prejudice and unprofessional conduct in this case.”)

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Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Result: Nolle Prosequi

June 22, 2015, Case Number: 1992XCF

Overview: On March 28, 2015, around midnight, police officers observed a vehicle make an illegal u-turn, cutting across two lanes, with no headlights, after which it swerved three times off of the roadway. During a traffic stop, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and bloodshot, watery eyes. After failing to perform to standard on the sobriety exercises, the driver was arrested for DUI. After his arrest, the driver offered to give samples of his breath and urine, the latter of which was submitted to a toxicology lab for analysis for any and all controlled substances. The prosecution, despite having all necessary witnesses and evidence to proceed to trial, entered a nolle prosequi as to DUI and all related criminal charges. In the end, the driver merely assessed small fines for civil infractions.

Charge: Title 8, United States Code, “Aliens and Nationality Act”

Result: Property Recovered

May 7, 2015, Case Number: 1:15-CR20008-CMA

Overview: In December of 2014, a husband and wife’s 45’ sailbaot was seized by the federal government off the coast of Miami, FL. It was being used to transport and smuggle illegal aliens into the United States of America. The federal government seized the sailing vessel and all property found on it. The husband and wife petitioned the Southern District Court of Florida to release the vessel and associated property back to them. Before the adjudicatory hearing, the federal government agreed to give back all of the husband and wife’s assets, including the 45’ sailboat.

Charges: Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Without Violence

Result: Nolle Prosequi, both charges

April 13, 2015, Case Number: B14047454

Overview: A well-known performance artist was arrested by the Miami Beach Police at Art Basel for conducting an artistic demonstration. When police tried to take him into custody, he began screaming obscenities and a large crowd of onlookers gathered (as captured on camera by media outlets). The State entered a nolle prosequi on all charges.

Charge: Indecent Exposure

Result: Acquitted

February 23, 2015, Case Number: M14036081

Overview: While walking his two-year old son from his pediatrician’s office back to the car, a man saw another man allegedly masturbating in the parking lot of the medical complex. At trial, the eyewitness testified that the man in the car was sitting in the driver’s seat, with his door wide open, pants down, penis exposed, with his left hand holding it. During the jury trial with Jordan Redavid as lead counsel, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (3rd w/in 10 years)

Result: Acquitted

February 4, 2015, Case Number: 2558XCK

Overview: A concerned civilian eyewitness called the police after witnessing a man drive his van into ocean near a local marina. When the police arrived, the driver of that vehicle, who had been rescued by a good samaritan, was standing near the boat slips, soaking wet, and having trouble standing. In speaking with him, the police observed red, bloodshot, watery eyes; slurred speech; and a strong odor of alcohol. The man admitted to drinking, that the vehicle in the water was his, and that he was very confused. After his arrest, he provided two breath samples (0.242 g/210L and 0.226 g/210L), both were more than three-times the legal limit. The man arrested had previously been convicted of DUI twice within the past 10 years. During a jury trial, the man was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (Blood / Alcohol)

Result: Nolle Prosequi

February 2, 2015, Case Number: M13047202

Overview: A civilian notified the police of a recent car accident. The driver of the vehicle, which had crashed into a concrete wall, was seated in the driver’s seat, engine running, unconscious, bleeding profusely from his face. He was non-responsive and was transported to Ryder Trauma Center. At the hospital, police took a sample of the driver’s blood, which tested positive for alcohol (0.308 g/100ml). Before trial, with Jordan Redavid as counsel, the State entered a nolle prosequi on all charges.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (Property Damage)

Result: Reduced Charges

January 2, 2015, Case Number: 3625XBN

Overview: As a marked police car was sitting in a left-turn lane waiting for the light to turn green, a civilian crashed directly into it. The police officer inside the vehicle confronted the other driver who exhibited signs of impairment by alcohol. After failing to perform field sobriety exercises to standards, the driver was arrested. At the police station, the driver provided two breath samples that tested positive for alcohol (0.206 g/210L and 0.187 g/210L). Before trial, with Daniel Garza and Jordan Redavid as counsel, the State reduced the charges to Reckless Driving.

Charge: Resisting an Officer Without Violence

Result: Acquitted

December 16, 2014, Case Number: M14040595

Overview: While conducting an investigation into a recent armed robbery, a police officer attempted to stop a man fitting the description provided by the alleged victim. Besides fitting the description, that man had a bulge in his shorts the shape of a weapon, and when the police officer announced his presence, the man took flight, jumping several fences. After a jury trial with Jordan Redavid as lead counsel, the man was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Assault on Police Officer

Result: Acquitted

November 17, 2014, Case Number: B14032471

Overview: A female called the police concerned about a male with a knife that had just confronted her. When the police officers stopped a man matching the description, he began to get agitated, flail his arms, and shout obscenities and curse at the police. The man then took a fighter’s stance and made several aggressive steps towards the police. He was taken down and into custody. After a jury trial, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (2nd w/in 5 years)

Result: Acquitted

August 1, 2014, Case Number: 0379XFE

Overview: Police officers saw a car speeding, driving nearly twice the posted speed limit. After a traffic stop, the police observed several signs of impairment by alcohol on the driver. The driver was unable to perform field sobriety exercises to standards and was arrested. This was the second arrest for DUI within 5 years. After a jury trial with Jordan Redavid as lead counsel, the man was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (Urine / Marijuana)

Result: Acquitted

July 23, 2014, Case Number: 8715XBK

Overview: Police observed a car driving aggressively through improper lanes at a high rate of speed. After stopping the car, police immediately smelled both an odor of alcohol and burnt marijuana; slurred and mush mouthed speech; and bloodshot and watery eyes. Upon getting out of the car, the driver had sever balance issues and failed to perform the field sobriety exercises to standard. After his arrest, the driver provided breath and urine sample (testing positive for alcohol and marijuana) and admitted that he smoked lots of marijuana, including earlier that day. During the jury trial, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Solicitation of Prostitution

Result: Acquitted

June 17, 2014, Case Number: M14009738

Overview: The City of Miami Police Department’s Special Investigation’s V.I.C.E. Squad was conducting an undercover prostitution sting in an area known for prostitution activities. A car drove up to the female undercover officer who was posing as a prostitute and the driver negotiated to pay for oral and vaginal sex, and asked the undercover officer to get in his car. This conversation was overheard by other officers, and the encounter was observed by strategically placed officers. After a jury trial, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Charges: Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Resisting an Officer Without Violence

Result: Acquitted, both charges

May 21, 2014, Case Number: B13047202

Overview: Police were dispatched to a local night club on a “shots fired” call. Upon arrival, the police officers heard several gunshots being fired inside the club. Several witnesses in the club pointed at a man who, when the police gave loud verbal commands to stop, continued to walk away. That man was taken into custody and patted down, whereupon a weapon was found on his person. After a jury trial with Jordan Redavid as counsel, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Charge: Battery

Result: Acquitted

April 10, 2014, Case Number: M13047202

Overview: A security guard at a medical facility was accused of stealing from elderly patients. When his employer confronted him about the accusations and showed him some evidence, the man accused became irate. Ultimately, the employer fired the man on the spot, and tempers flared. The man accused approached his former boss and punched him in the face while other employees were watching. After a jury trial with Jordan Redavid as lead counsel, the man accused was acquitted of all charges.

Important Motions and Filings

Motion to Suppress Breath Results and Declare Florida’s Implied Consent Law Unconstitutional

Click here to view filing

Overview: Florida, like every other state, has an Implied Consent Law. In Florida, that law is codified in Section 316.1932, Florida Statutes. This law allows the police to obtain breath samples from anybody lawfully arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) of either alcohol and/or controlled substances. At Garza & Redavid LLP, we take the position that Florida’s Implied Consent Law is unconstitutional because it conditions the State’s extension of a valuable privilege (i.e. ability to operate a motor vehicle) upon the surrender of a constitutional right (i.e. Fourth Amendment right against warrantless, unreasonable searches and seizures). Using the “Unconstitutional Conditions Doctrine,” our attorneys were some of the first in the entire State of Florida to argue that the law should be struck down, and breath, urine, and blood results obtained pursuant to this law should be suppressed or excluded from trial.

Motion to Dismiss and Declare Florida’s Second/Subsequent DUI Refusal Law Unconstitutional

Click here to view filing

Overview: Part of Florida’s Implied Consent Laws is a law that makes it a misdemeanor crime for anyone lawfully arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) to provide a breath, urine, or blood sample, upon request, if he or she has previously refused to provide similar samples during a prior arrest. At Garza & Redavid LLP, we argue that Florida’s law criminalizing this refusal, Fla. Stat. § 316.1939, which is commonly referred to as “second or subsequent DUI refusal,” is unconstitutional. We believe that the Fourth Amendment provides that arrestees are the gatekeepers to their own bodies, and if the police want to extract breath, blood, or urine by way of consent, a person can decide to withhold consent, or revoke previously implied consent, and that any law criminalizing the exercise of one’s Fourth Amendment right is patently unconstitutional.

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