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Dedicated Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Jordan Redavid doesn’t have to claim to be the best criminal defense attorney — he lets his actions do the talking. He has spent his entire career defending those accused of crimes. Whether you or a loved one fear that a criminal investigation is looming, have been confronted by law enforcement, or even arrested, remember you are innocent until proven guilty. No matter the allegations, the highest burden of proof in this world — proof beyond a reasonable doubt — stands between prosecutors and a conviction. The presumption of innocence is critical to our system of laws, and Jordan endeavor’s to give meaning to that constitutional principle one client at a time. Below is an overview of the types of criminal cases the firm handles.

Criminal Defense Services

I am ready to represent you in any criminal proceedings.

Defending civil rights and the rights of the injured

Jordan Redavid believes in fighting for individuals, not the government and insurance companies. He will tirelessly work to defend your civil rights, and to recover damages for negligence and injury. Some lawyers won’t even take on civil rights cases. They hide behind excuses like “they’re hard to win” or “I don’t want to get involved” or “I don’t want the backlash from accusing the police.” Shame on them. All lawyers take the same oath; Jordan Redavid takes it seriously. Below is an overview of the types of civil cases the firm handles, including injury cases.

Civil & Personal Injury Services

I fight for you against the insurance companies.

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