Our nation’s founding fathers fought to ensure that we retained certain inalienable rights. They are found in our state and federal constitutions and serve as the bedrock of our democratic society. That’s why when those rights are violated, the violators need to be brought to justice.

Civil Rights

Jordan Redavid, Esq., the founding attorney of this law firm, specializes in civil rights claims and can provide the level of dedicated and individualized service you need for your case, while also bringing a level of experience and creative thinking to get you the results that you’re looking for.

Sadly, it seems like every day we turn on the news and see another reported incident of a police officer or officers using excessive and unjustifiable force on someone. What’s worse is that often the person who suffers had don’t nothing wrong at all. Police are supposed to protect and serve the citizens of this great state of Florida, but that’s not always the case.

When your constitutional rights are violated, you need someone who is going to aggressively stand up on your behalf and advocate for you. Someone who won’t be intimidated by the police officers or the government. Jordan Redavid, Esq. is that person. He has handled hundreds of criminal matters where he routinely stood up against the government and won; he has also done so in civil rights cases with great success.

Some lawyers won’t even take on civil rights cases. They hide behind excuses like “they’re hard to win” or “I don’t want to get involved” or “I don’t want the backlash from accusing the police.” Shame on them. All lawyers take the same oath; Jordan Redavid takes it seriously. When cases don’t settle, Jordan Redavid will take his client’s cases before a jury in state or federal court and conduct a trial. Whatever it takes to win for his clients.

Redavid Law PLLC handles many types of civil rights cases, including:

I have always had a passion for representing people, not the government or insurance companies.

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