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Perhaps more than any other area of criminal law, Florida’s prohibition on Driving Under the Influence (DUI) has the potential to negatively impact the lives of decent, hard-working, innocent members of our community. The stigma of a DUI on your record can haunt your personal life and affect your employment. With so much on the line, it’s imperative to take these cases seriously.

Let’s face it: results matter—especially in DUI cases. I am proud to report that in 2015-2016, I had winning streak. In 7 DUI jury trials, 100% of my clients were acquitted. In 2015 and 2016 I was also named among the 10 Best DUI lawyers in Florida.

The simple truth is that not all “criminal defense lawyers” are created equal or equally qualified to defend DUI cases properly. It requires a specialized set of skills, knowledge, and experience specific to DUI. That’s why you can count on me, Jordan Redavid, at Redavid Law PLLC. I have handled so many DUI cases that I am able to actually develop creative litigation strategies — both before and, if appropriate, during trial — to help each client achieve desired results.


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What exactly is Driving Under the Influence, or “DUI”?

In Florida, a person is guilty of DUI if he or she is “driving” or in “actual physical control” of a vehicle while:

  • under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances to the extent his or her “normal faculties” (i.e. walk, talk, see, drive, judge distances, etc.) are impaired;
  • having a breath alcohol level of 0.08 g/210L or higher; or,
  • having a blood alcohol level of 0.08 g/100ml of blood or higher.

Fla. Stat. § 316.193.

Although a DUI is generally charged as a misdemeanor, in some circumstances, it could be charged as a felony. Either way, driving under the influence can take many forms, each carrying its own minimum mandatory and maximum sentence. And even the minimum penalties are harsh.

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How will penalties be determined?

Our DUI Attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida can explain in further detail, but here are some basic questions he might ask:

  • First DUI?
  • 2nd DUI Within 5 Years?
  • 2nd DUI Outside 5 Years?
  • 3rd DUI Outside 10 Years?
  • 3rd DUI Within 10 Years?
  • 4th or more DUI?
  • Are you over or under 18
    years old?
  • Did you provide a breath, urine, or blood test?
  • Were you deemed to be
    “over the limit”?
  • Was a person or property injured or damaged?
  • Did someone suffer serious bodily injury or death?
  • Was there a minor in the vehicle?

You may have some questions too: What does “actual physical control” mean? What exactly are “normal faculties”? What is the science behind those “legal limit” numbers? What is the minimum punishment for a DUI conviction? The Maximum? I am a top DUI lawyer and I am available to answer these questions anytime.

You don’t have to face these DUI charges alone, nor should you.

    Do I really need an attorney for my DUI?

    Yes. Absolutely yes. Florida DUI laws are very complex and there are many misconceptions about them. Unlike many other crimes, DUI cases carry minimum mandatory punishments; meaning, there’s only so much negotiating you can do on your own. Whether it’s your first or third arrest for DUI in the past 10 years, Florida law requires certain minimum mandatory punishments be imposed. Possible punishments include: Fines; Probation; Suspension of driving privileges; Jail Time; Community Service; Vehicle impoundment; DUI School; Court Costs; and still more.

    Although jail is not required for most DUI offenders, it’s always a possibility — even for first-time offenders. Depending on the facts of your case, the maximum punishment for any DUI can be a few months in county jail to several years in state prison. As if the standard conditions that come with any DUI conviction are not enough, a judge or prosecutor might still seek to “enhance” your sentence. These additional conditions all cost money too; sometimes, into the thousands!


    The sad truth is that some attorneys act in their own best interest, not their client’s. Your best interests are always at the center of my practice. I am ready to defend your rights.

    How does a DUI lawyer help me?

    If you want to fight your charges at trial, an experienced DUI trial lawyer (that is, one who actually goes to trial and wins, not someone who calls themselves a “trial lawyer” but settles every case) can make all the difference in the world. Put simply, you don’t have to face these DUI charges alone, nor should you. A lawyer like Jordan Redavid might be the difference between winning and losing; a favorable resolution instead of a regrettable one.

    An experienced Miami DUI Attorney can help guide you through this process, presenting options to help you make an educated and informed decision as to what’s really in your best interests. Don’t settle for anything less. If you’re accepting a plea bargain or first-time offender program, your attorney should have already exhausted all potential avenues to reduce the costs, conditions, and, in some instances, the charges themselves.


    I view the prospect of a trial for as what it is: a viable weapon both in negotiating favorable plea deals and in asking juries to acquit my clients. Sadly, trial is merely an empty threat for some criminal defense attorneys—and prosecutors know who they are.

    Why choose Jordan Redavid to defend my DUI case?

    There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of attorneys who hold themselves out to be experienced, specialized, DUI defense lawyers. Is that true or just aggressive marketing and self-promotion? When you’re making such an important decision, it’s important to dig deeper and look behind what an attorney labels him or herself.

    In 2015 and 2016 I was ranked one of the 10 Best DUI lawyers in Florida. In 2015-2016, I had winning streak, and in 7 DUI jury trials, 100% of my clients were acquitted. I was also the first lawyer to develop and argue novel constitutional challenges to Florida’s DUI implied consent law, which had been on the books for decades before I was even licensed to practice law, and yet, by refusing to adhere to the status quo, I identified and litigated this major issue.

    I began my career as an Assistant Public Defender, zealously fighting for those who couldn’t afford counsel of choice. During that time, I represented hundreds of people accused of DUI in Florida. I have dedicated my career to defending people, giving meaning to the presumption of innocence one client at a time.


    I have only ever been a criminal defense lawyer, never a prosecutor. I have only defended, never accused. That's the type of drive and dedication you can expect from Redavid Law PLLC.

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    After failing to perform to standards on five field sobriety exercises, the driver in this case was arrested for DUI. He refused to provide a breath sample.



    on all counts


    DUI, Property Damage


    A car being driving through a residential area crashed when its driver ignored obvious signs of construction. A confession was used against her in court.



    on appeal


    DUI, 3rd in 10 years


    A man drive his van into ocean near a local marina. He provided two breath samples; both were more than three-times the legal limit.



    on all charges

    Can I challenge my breath test results?

    The short answer is: yes, and in many ways. The results of a breath test are critical in prosecuting and defending a DUI case. Launching a successful challenge to them can be the fatal blow for the prosecution. I have successfully defended many DUI cases where my client’s breath test results were over the limit, but I was able to get those results excluded from court or convince the jury to disregard them.

    Many Challenges are Possible

    If you were arrested for DUI in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, odds are you were asked to provide a sample of your breath for analysis. The machine currently in use in Miami-Dade County is the Intoxilyzer 8000. In theory, these instruments are strictly monitored, calibrated, and evaluated for accuracy. In reality, they are commonly malfunctioning; susceptible to false or inaccurate readings; and are not always operated by experts.

    As an experienced DUI lawyer, I know the ways to challenge breathalyzer results. Whether it be against the machine itself; the specific manner in which a particular sample was collected; the credentials of the officer operating or evaluating the machine; or the process taken before the breath was obtained, nothing is off limits, and everything can help mount a proper DUI defense.

    I have always had a passion for representing people, not the government. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, there is no time to waste. Call me for a free consultation so that I can get to work on your case right away.

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