Embezzlement is a type of white collar theft crime that occurs when a person who is entrusted to manage or monitor someone else’s money or property steals or appropriates all or part of it for his or her personal gain. These cases can arise in a variety of ways. Most commonly, a bank teller is accused of taking a bank customer’s money, which they were entrusted to handle or manage; or an officer or employee of a company embezzles corporate funds.

In Florida, embezzlement falls under the crime of theft.

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Under federal law, there are several types of embezzlement crimes, and they are all to be taken seriously. Because embezzlement involves abuse of power and mistrust, these investigations, even if they never lead to a conviction, can have hugely negative consequences on someone’s life, job, and reputation. Hiring an embezzlement defense lawyer at Redavid Law PLLC immediately can help mitigate the damage.


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What are the penalties for embezzlement in Florida?

The consequences of embezzlement in Florida vary significantly with the amount of money in question, but often include:

  • imprisonment and parole;
  • probation;
  • monetary fines;
  • loss of professional license; and
  • suspension of driver’s license.

Under state law, embezzlement may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony of various degrees. The primary factor is the value of the money or property stolen. However, there are certain factors that increase the penalties even for lesser amounts, such as theft of controlled substances and theft from a dwelling. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the basic guidelines for how embezzlement charges are determined.

  Value of embezzled property Jail/prison time Fines
First degree felony $100,000 or more Up to 30 years Up to $10,000
Second degree felony $20,000 to $100,000 Up to 15 years Up to $10,000
Third degree felony $300 to $20,00 Up to 5 years Up to $5,000
First degree misdemeanor $100 to $300 Up to 1 year Up to $1,000
Second degree misdemeanor Less than $100 Up to 60 days Up to $500

What defenses can a good embezzlement defense lawyer rely on?

Embezzlement is a serious charge, and authorities will aggressively prosecute accused embezzlers. But every case has a defense. Some of the most important potential defenses against a charge of embezzlement are:

Insufficient Evidence. As with any crime, a prosecutor’s embezzlement case hinges on the quantity and quality of evidence against the accused. Each case is different, and some may have relatively little solid evidence against the accused.

Absence of Intent. Embezzlement only occurs if the accused intends to steal the property of another. If the accused could reasonably have thought they were simply doing their job or had a legal claim on the property, or if they did nothing to conceal their actions, these are possible defenses.

Duress. This refers to the belief that some harm may come to you if you do not commit a crime. For instance, an alleged embezzler may genuinely believe that if they do not participate in a scheme hatched by their boss, they will lose their job.

Entrapment. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement leads someone to commit a crime they would not otherwise have committed. Investigators often set up “stings” that give someone the opportunity to commit a crime, and in these cases, entrapment is one possible defense. Entrapment is often a gray area, because we cannot know for sure what an alleged criminal would have done absent government action. But it can be enough to put doubt in the minds of jurors.

A good embezzlement defense attorney knows early on which defensive strategies are strongest in any particular case. I can persuasively argue those defenses both to prosecutors, for dismissal of charges and plea negotiations, and to juries at trial.

Results Matter

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