Why Choose Redavid Law?

Calling a criminal defense lawyer at Redavid Law PLLC is a wise choice if you or someone you care about is arrested, convicted, injured, or worse. Hiring the right attorney can be hugely beneficial; hiring the wrong attorney can be catastrophic. When making such an important decision, you should have all of the facts necessary to make it.

My name is Jordan Redavid, and I want to tell you a few things about myself that I hope will help you make your decision.

I am a career criminal defense attorney, not a former prosecutor.

When hiring a criminal defense attorney in Miami, you have many options. A large number of those lawyers also promote the fact that they are “former prosecutors” as if it is somehow a benefit in a criminal case. That’s for you to decide, but I have always defended people accused of crimes, never prosecuted them. I feel that matters.

For starters, nobody can promise you favorable outcomes or “better deals” because they “know somebody.” If they do, be wary. Many will tell you, “I know how prosecutors think” (because they were one). You should be thinking, “I want someone who thinks like a defense attorney, not a prosecutor.” Our system of criminal justice is adversarial; meaning, there are two opposing sides. Prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers are two different sides; two different strategies, skill sets, and motivations.

Prosecutors defend police action, ask for evidence to be admissible, and, even before a trial, try to negotiate deals so that people accused of crimes, despite being presumed innocent under the law, take guilty pleas and have criminal records. Real criminal defense lawyers, like me, know that police misconduct is rampant, and police are just as likely to lie or fabricate evidence as anyone else. I know how to expose those police officers and point out the holes and conflicts in their testimony. That’s where reasonable doubts, the foundation of acquittals, come from!

In sum, the best plea bargain offers come to those defense attorneys who effectively demonstrate to a prosecutor that the State’s case is not provable in court; to those defense attorneys who prosecutors know will actually take a case to trial and win. When it’s your criminal case, and future, on the line, be sure you hire the right defense attorney.

1 Simplicity

Some lawyers complicate things. We don’t. We simplify them. It’s important that our clients understand what we do for them and why we do it. After all, it’s their case, their life, and their future we’re fighting for.

2 Dedication

Every lawyer has a duty to his or her clients. Some criminal defense lawyers and personal injury attorneys view this as an obligation. To us, it’s an honor and a privilege. We proudly serve our clients’ best interest from the moment they join our firm’s family.

3 Innovation

Tradition plays an important role in the law, but creativity is essential. Sadly, many Miami criminal defense attorneys are stuck in their ways. They use the same techniques and arguments in case after case. We don’t. Every client is unique, as is his or her case, and the law was meant to be interpreted and flexible. Our team is innovative and willing to employ extraordinary strategies to achieve desired results.

4 Transparency

If the only thing transparent about a criminal defense or personal injury lawyer is how much they’re billing you, that’s a problem. At Redavid Law PLLC, we let you see behind the curtain. We explain our strategies and, when you have questions, we encourage you to ask them. Our clients know they can reach us 24/7 to discuss their case, and when they do, they get clear answers.

We adhere to four guiding principles in everything we do


    “Hire this lawyer, it will be the best decision of your life...

    I began my career as an Assistant Public Defender in Miami, Florida, fighting passionately for those accused of crimes who could not afford to hire an attorney of choice. In that role, I made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. Now, at Redavid Law PLLC, I bring that same level of passion and exceptional advocacy for my firm’s clients.

      Able to effectively resolve cases

      No matter the type of case you are involved in (i.e. criminal or personal injury), your attorney must be knowledgeable, not only in the law, but in dispute resolution strategies as well. Even if your best interests are served by a settlement or plea bargain, and not trial, you want your attorney to do everything possible to get the best terms for the deal. At Redavid Law PLLC, I know what it takes to get the job done right.

      On the other hand, if your best interests are served by trial, and not a settlement or plea bargain, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is also a trial lawyer. I know that, for most clients, choosing to go to trial is a serious decision. It can be stressful to go through but, if done properly, it can produce incredibly favorable outcomes.

      If you’re shopping your case around in Miami, you should ask attorneys how they feel about trial, and what their recent experiences have been. If they don’t go to trial, that’s a problem; a reputation like that will only be a tool for opposing counsel to use against them in settlement and plea bargain negotiations. If there is no threat of trial, why bend to that attorney’s demands? Perhaps most importantly, even those other Miami criminal defense lawyers that go to trial may not be effective trial lawyers. It’s a skill and an art form, which means that not every attorney can make the same impact on a judge or jury.


      There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of lawyers in Miami alone who market themselves as “trial lawyers.” At Redavid Law PLLC, I let my actions do the talking. In my career, I have tried many cases to verdict—the overwhelming majority of which resulted in acquittals for my clients. And I continue to have a strong presence in the courtroom.

      Money doesn't grow on trees.

      There are so few people fortunate enough not to have to worry about money. For most of us, money is hard-earned and not easy to come by. So why throw thousands of dollars down the drain by hiring an overpriced, under-effective criminal defense lawyer? Or the under-priced “cut you a deal” bargain lawyer? With those attorneys, you get exactly what you pay for.

      Many lawyers sound affordable in a consultation only to tell you as you are signing on the dotted line that “this fee does not include any of my services should your case need to go to trial.” This creates a financial incentive for you to avoid trial. I do not believe this serves my clients’ best interests.

      My flat fees for legal services contemplate everything from pre-trial preparation, filings, and arguments, through a jury trial—if the need should arise. Of course, if any of my clients are adamant about not going to trial, I adjust my fees accordingly. It’s that simple. Come talk to me, Jordan Redavid, about your case. Your consultation is FREE and I am an open book when it comes to our fee structure.


      Many lawyers sound affordable in a consultation only to tell you as you are signing on the dotted line that “this fee does not include any of my services should your case need to go to trial.”

      My primary concern is client service.

      I answer phone calls, text messages, and emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My commitment is for each client to know what is going on in their case at all times and know they can reach me when they need to.

      I feel the attorney-client relationship works best when clients are empowered with information and understanding about their cases. I make sure my clients know what I’m doing, why I am doing it, and what will happen next.

      At Redavid Law, my proudest achievement is my large family of satisfied clients. Each of my clients knows at the end of their case that I gave every effort and provided the best legal service available.

      I answer calls and emails 24/7. Call Jordan Redavid now at 305-938-9939 or send me an email.


      My clients know they can reach me 24/7 to discuss their case, and when they do, they get simple and clear answers.

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      Every client is unique, and the law was meant to be flexible. I believe in being innovative and in using extraordinary strategies to achieve desired results.

      Jordan Redavid has the tenacity, dedication and drive to fight for your legal rights. He follows through on his verbal commitments and provides you with a realistic assessment of your case. Based on my experience, he is both sincere and honest, and unlike many other lawyers, seems to have a vested interest in the result.

      For help right away, or a free initial consultation, email any time of the day or night, or call 305-938-9939. I answer calls and email 24/7.